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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sepp Blatter in Commonsense shock!

The end of days must surely be nigh!

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has apologised for refereeing mistakes that have blighted the World Cup and says football's governing body will look again at introducing goal-line video technology.

England and Mexico were the victims of blatant mistakes in second-round matches that both eventually lost.

Mr Blatter, who has opposed the technology for years, said on Tuesday technology such as the Hawk-Eye system used in tennis and cricket should be re-examined to determine if the ball had crossed the line or not for a goal.

“It is obvious that after the experiences so far at this World Cup it would be a nonsense not to re-open the file on goalline technology.” the FIFA president said at a press conference today.

However he again ruled out using video replays to help officials with decisions, such as offsides.

In Sunday's match between England and Germany, a shot from England midfielder Frank Lampard struck the bar and bounced down well over the line. The goal was not given and Germany went on to win the second round match 4-1.

Later in the day, Argentina scored from an offside position against Mexico in a match they won 3-1.

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