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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The New Vuvuzela?

People keep asking me who is going to win the World Cup. I smile and think, "well if I knew that I wouldn't be here, I'd be down the betting shop taking a punt on race ten at Trentham wouldn't I?" But of course I'm a football ambassador of sorts so I say "oh you know, Brazil will probably be there at the end, and Spain are favourites of course." However both of those teams have had rather uninspired starts,expecially Spain who were upset 1-0 by traditional flat-liners Switzerland this morning. So now Im tipping a Germany-Switzerland final. The Swiss fans will blow the South Africans away with their traditional uber vuvuzelas:

And speaking of Vuvuzelas, has anyone else noticed how annoying they are or am I the only one? Oh, you have? Along with every other blogger, forummer & journo who must by now be painting the V back on their keyboard. Just buy some earplugs and get over it already!

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