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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Muy Picante!

It has been revealed that New Zealand's first warm up game for the 2010 World Cup will be against Mexico, in Los Angeles (an ersatz home match for El Tri) on March 3.

This is a quality warm up game since Mexico's flamboyant attacking style will closely mimic Paraguay; the All White's final opponents in pool play. The passionate Mexican fans will also give our lads a taste of the unholy din to be expected at a World Cup Finals match.

The game falls within FIFA's friendly international window, which means clubs are only obliged to release players for 48 hours. So the fact that it is being played a mere 11 hour's flight from London, rather than in New Zealand, means we have every chance of seeing Captain Courageous Ryan Nelsen, and the other European and US based players, turn out in the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

One can only assume that Mexico sees the All Whites as being on a par with their pool mates South Africa- we certainly can't be expected to offer them a taste of the guile, nor gall, of France.

Whatever way you look at it this is a coup, and is an early Christmas present for NZ Football Fans. Now we just need to secure friendlies against some European sides to replicate the style of Slovakia and Italy and the set is complete.


  1. Perhaps they did want us to provide similar opposition as France, but got us confused with the All Blacks...

  2. Kia ora Robb!

    I reckon the French would be the perfect European warm up for the All Whites.

    Cynical and cocky, they may just underestimate us enough to let their guard down and allow us to sneak a confidence boosting result.
    Plus, if we are the 'warm up for South Africa' for Mexico in Group A France may also see us as a beneficial friendly opponent.

    Just need Vicelich to bring an extra headband to tie up Henry's hands!